Custom Cutting

At Creative Bricks n Blocks, we provide the unique service of custom cutting for our customers. We cut concrete slabs up to 24″, paving stones and retaining wall blocks with our 20″ Diamond Concrete Blade Tray Saw. We are able to help you complete your project with the precision cuts you need.

We’ll calculate your cutting costs dependent on your requirements. You just need to mark your product and drop it off and we can do the rest. Sorry, our blade cuts concrete only, we are not able to cut natural rock.


At Creative Brick n Blocks, we provide truck deliveries to suit your needs. From smaller trucks, for several pallets,  to large loads requiring truck and trailer, we can make your delivery happen. Flat bed trucks, crane trucks and trucks with a forklift are available to help get your product that much closer to your jobsite. We’ll find the most cost effective and efficient way to get product to your site.

Equipment Rental

We rent compactors to use in your slab, paver and natural rock projects. Also available are guillotine cutters, as a quick and clean way to cut paving stone and small blocks.

For pond maintenance, we rent the Oase Pond Vacuum, top-of-the line brand, with its 2 chamber system, for continuous suction, that allows you continuous operation of the vacuum.