BULK Sand, Soils & Aggregates


GARDEN MIX                      Plantings & Garden Beds                                                   60% Soil(Composted Green Waste) / 25% Sand / 15% Tri-Blend Manure

LAWN TOP DRESSING      Seeding Lawns                                                                       65% Sand / 35% Soil

TRI-BLEND MANURE      Composted and Blended                                             Mushroom, Steer, & Chicken Manure

SOIL AMENDER                 Add to existing Garden Beds                                               100% Composted Green Waste

BARK MULCH                    Topping Existing Garden Beds                                      1″ Minus Hemlock Bark Mulch / 3/8″Minus Composted Hemlock Bark Mulch

TURF MIX                           Laying Sod                                                                              It contains soil amender for nutrients and is mixed with approximately 45% sand for drainage. Turf Blend provides stability and drainage to maintain a consistent, level lawn


Sechelt Sand / Rock Dust / Concrete Sand / Golf Sand / Navvy Jack / Masonry Sand

3/4 Clear Crush / 3/4 Minus Road Base / 3/8″ Granite Chip / 1/2 ” Granite Chip / Birdseye

1″ River Rock /  2″ River Rock / 3″ – 10″ River Rock

Limestone is available in full truck load deliveries only.

Our product is sold by the cubic yard and loaded into your truck with our front-end loader. We also provide delivery right to your site.

For smaller quantities you can bag or bucket your own.